Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How to register your school for the cowbell mathematics competitions

By Naijascholarshipsbuzz

This has been the trending question of new schools that want to participate in the Cowbell (Cowbellpedia) secondary school Mathematics TV Quiz Show. 

Well,  registering your school for Cowbell Mathematics competition is that simple once you follow this guide. 

To register your school, follow this link School registration link to start the registration process. 

On the page that shows up, you will have to fill in the following compulsory details correctly:

  1. School Name 
  2. School Email 
  3. School Phone number 
  4. School Address 
  5. State of school
  6. School type 
  7. Primary contact name 
  8. Primary contact email 
  9. Primary contact phone number 
  10. Password (used for accessing your school's data in Cowbellpedia)
  11. Retype password.

Once you are done, click on the "Register my school!" button as shown in the image below:

Note: by clicking the "Register my school!" button, you agree to the Cowbell's terms and conditions, and declare that you are an authorized representative of the school being registered.

An email will be sent to the School and Primary contact email addresses provided when filling the form.

Use the link in the email received to verify the email addresses. The school email address must be verified before you can login.

Once school email is verified, login to the portal using the school email and password used to register.

On successful login, you click on the Add Candidates under Candidate Management.
Fill in the candidate’s information on the form, upload the candidate's picture and click the Save Draft button.

You will need to save draft information for 5 candidates before you can submit their registration. If you school is a mixed school, at least 2 of the candidates must be female or you won't be able to complete the registration.
After creating the draft registration for 5 candidates in a category (junior/senior), highlight each candidate created by clicking it one after the other; button will be shown on the page to "Register junior/senior candidates".

After highlighting each of the 5 candidate, a button will be shown on the page to "Register junior/senior candidates", Click the button to complete the registration of candidates for that category.

A confirmation slip will be generated for you to download and will also be mailed to the School, candidate and parent/guardian email address.
Print this confirmation slip and have it stamped and signed by the school principal.

The confirmation slip will be required for admitting candidates at the examination venue, and that's all there is to it.

To access your school's data on Cowbellpedia, follow this Cowbellpedia home page and click on the "login in" link as shown in the image below:

Location: Nigeria


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