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How to prepare for Cowbell Mathematics Competition

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For decades, Cowbell has been involved in the sponsorship of Mathematics competition for secondary schools in Nigeria to identify, recognize, and reward excellence in the subject area of Mathematics.

Cowbell Mathematics quiz for Junior and Senior secondary schools (JSS3 and SS2), as we all know is a highly competitive TV show, and thus requires a great deal of mathematical proficiency in the required curriculum for the quiz. 

Follow this link "Curriculum for cowbell Mathematics competition " to see the Curriculum or area of concentration for the Cowbell quiz .

This great deal of mathematical proficiency is acquired through: gathering of relevant mathematical  information (i.e. reading), repetitive practice (i.e. attempting all the questions and exercises in your secondary school mathematics textbook), seeking of solutions and help from superior ones(teachers), and inter-class or inter-school competitions. 

It is only when a student possesses these vital qualities that he/she can be too confident to withstand any mathematics question that comes up in the Cowbell quiz, and provide the correct answer in split-seconds!

Now you know what is involved in preparing for the Cowbell mathematics quiz, let's discuss these key qualities in details:

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  1. Gathering of information:  This is essentially reading in its own right. You only gather information by reading; and to further prepare well for Cowbell maths quiz, prospective junior and senior secondary school students should read their mathematics textbooks according to the Cowbell's quiz curriculum. 

Recommended mathematics textbooks for the Cowbell mathematics competition for JSS3 and SS2 students are:

      – New general mathematics for JSS3 and SS2 by A.O Kalejaiye et al. 

      – Further mathematics projects 1,2, and 3 for SS2 students, by Adegoke et al. 

      – Additional mathematics for west Africa by J.F Talbert A. Goodman, and G.E.O Ogum. 

      – Further mathematics by Odili et al. 

      – Engineering mathematics by K.A Stroud and Dexter J. Booth. 


a. Students going for the competition should be willing and able to read ahead of their teachers in class so as to better prepare for the quiz. 

b. Mathematics teachers should endeavor to unveil all the necessary tricks, tips, and to TEACH their students indepthly! 

2. Repetitive practice:  You can't, being 100% sure,  compete properly talk less of winning the Cowbell maths quiz if you do not do a lot of mathematics! 

The reason is that the more mathematics you (examples and exercises) you do, the more you become experienced and competent. 

Always confront exercises! Do not be afraid and tired of solving exercises in your maths textbook.

It is recommended that you attempt all the exercises in your mathematics textbook, because every question or problem you solve provides you with a clue or formula for solving future problems, especially at the Cowbell quiz. 

3. Seeking of solutions and help from superior ones: Present any questions or exercises you feel you can't solve, to those whom you think can be of help; these are possibly your mathematics teachers in secondary school, a senior in a class above you, or your relatives who are undergraduates/graduates from mathematical related fields. 

Doing this helps you a lot because you can't always solve every problem/exercise you encounter. 

4. Inter-class or inter-school competitions: Schools interested in the Cowbell maths quiz should enroll their students in inter-class or inter-school maths competitions. 

This helps the school determine the weaknesses and strengths of students and to know which student(s) they need to select or which student(s) needs more attention. 

This inter-class quiz is a way of simulating the real Cowbell maths quiz, and can go a long way in preparing students for the actual Cowbell maths competition at every stage in the Challenge. 

To know the stages involved in the cowbell mathematics quiz, read: "Everything about Cowbell mathematics competition "

Note: Two ultimate factors for this maths competition are the time factor and absence of Calculator. Time factor is the key;  so make sure you are good to the extent of providing a correct answer before the stipulated time for each question elapses.  

For the calculator aspect, you cannot use calculator throughout the entire Cowbell mathematics quiz. So this is one major factor you should take care of. Try as much as possible to solve problems without the use of a calculator, this would help you a lot. 

Once you follow and adhere to the facts in this guide, it is guaranteed that you will find yourself at the final round of the Cowbell mathematics competition. 

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