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How to pass any scholarship examination in Nigeria

By Naijascholarshipsbuzz 

So many nigerian youths / students would always be seeking to know the kick off of many scholarships in Nigeria such as MTN foundation, NLNG, FSB, Agbami, Shell, Chevron, AGIP, and NNPC.

But only a few would ask how to prepare and pass such scholarship examinations when they finally get started.

You will agree with me that applying for scholarship is easy, but getting shortlisted for the scholarship is a little bit difficult and finally, passing the scholarship examination is a different ball game.

Here in this article, we will be discussing the simple tips that are mostly neglected but seem to be the most important steps needed to prepare and pass any scholarship examination.

6 Golden Tips For Success In Scholarship Examination or interview

1. Don't ignore the news:

Many people or Nigerian students, to be precise, are fund of ignoring the trending news of most open scholarships.

 They most at times think it is a scam and therefore take it for granted, later on when they realize that it was legit and their friends had been paid #200,000 or more, they feel angry and regret the chances they didn't utilize.

So don't be one of those who neglect the power of scholarships!
Wether it pays small or big, always apply!

2. Early application is the key:

This, being the second stage of preparation and success in scholarship examination or aptitude test is very crucial.  You must try your best to be among the first 50 applicants. This is vital because  studies has shown that early application is one of the most important factors considered in shortlisting applicants for the scholarship or interviews. 
While the above is one of the reasons of early application, another good one is that it makes your mind relaxed and gives you more time to prepare for the examination.
And finally, the earlier you apply for a scholarship, the lesser the mistakes made when filling the application forms than when applying on a later date.  

3. Research on the nature of the scholarship exam: 

You can't sit or perform properly in an exam you don't know what kind of questions are to be set.
Make sure you do a thorough check of the nature of the scholarship exam or interview; once you get this news, you can then start reading topics on those area of concentration.

Also, try as much as possible to get a glimpse of  the marking scheme and know the duration of the scholarship examination or interview.

Getting these little but very important information will give you the complete guide needed to pass the final exam, quiz or interview.

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4. Grab Past Questions:
Past questions are a rich source of simulating the real or actual scholarship exam or interview.

The more you practice on these past questions, the more you become confident and the lesser the exam phobia or fear. Solve a lot of problems related to the scholarship examination. These problems could have the following nature: mathematical, logical, current affairs, English language, and so on.

Try to get all the helpful materials needed for the exam, and plan on how to manage your time for the exam or interview

The internet is a rich source of information, you can get a whole lot of past questions for every scholarship you apply for in Nigeria online. So go get them!

5. Have faith and be persistent:

Keep telling yourself that you are worth having the scholarship, that with your hard work you can be among those to be given the scholarship.

 The essence of doing this is that it gives you more strength to study harder whenever you start to feel tired of preparing for the scholarship examination.

Also, it keeps you bold and fear very far away from you.

 Keep doing this and you will thank yourself later for the wonderful results you achieved in the end.

6. Practice all the required materials:

 now you have the past questions and the required materials for the scholarship examination, don't just look at them but practice them day and night until you sit for the exam; don't take any chances for granted! 

And that's how you prepare for scholarship exams, quiz or interviews in Nigeria. 

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