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Curriculum for Cowbell Mathematics competition

By Naijascholarshipsbuzz 

Though Cowbellpedia did not explicitly provide/reveal a curriculum for its Cowbell Mathematics quiz, one can easily get a glimpse of the nature of the type of topics that forms the curriculum of the maths quiz, based on the past questions. 

For cowbell past questions and answers, read "Cowbell mathematics past questions and answers

So based on the past questions, every prospective students should expect questions from the following topics:

For SS2!

  1. Systems of linear equations i.e. simultaneous equations. 
  2. Coordinate Geometry 
  3. Geometry of shapes (construction of geometrical shapes using only ruler and compasses)
  4. Variation (direct, partial, indirect, and mixed variations)
  5. Polynomial equations 
  6. Trigonometry and trigonometric ratios 
  7. Probability 
  8. Permutation and combination 
  9. Statistics (Mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, pie chart) 
  10. Distance-time, velocity and Acceleration problems 
  11. Ratios 
  12. Binomial expansion and expression 
  13. Arithmetic and Geometric progressions 
  14. Surds
  15. % increase and decrease of variable quantities 
  16. Logarithms and Indices 
  17. Angle of depression and Inclination 
  18. Functions
  19. Basic and business arithmetic 
  20. Bearing and distances along great circles (longitude and latitude problems) 
  21. Number systems and conversions. 

For Jss3!

  1. Basic arithmetic 
  2. Ratios and fractions 
  3. Geometry of shapes, angles of closed figures 
  4. Sets 
  5. Mean, median, and mode of statistical data 
  6. %increase and decrease, and % errors 
  7. Probability 
  8. Variation 
  9. Significant figures, standard form of a number, and decimal places 
  10. Gradient of straight lines 
  11. Trigonometry 
  12. Bearing 
  13. Inequalities 
  14. Distance-time, velocity and acceleration problems 
  15. Sequences and series 
  16. Business arithmetic (simple interests, profits, revenue etc) 

Note: it is important to note that while these topics are a must for any student participating in the Cowbell math quiz, such students are also expected to go beyond this topics and also attain a high level of proficiency in order to better compete for the quiz. 

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