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Solved Cowbell maths quiz past questions and answers

By Naija Scholarships Buzz 

The following are sample solved questions from Cowbell mathematics quiz. It is important to note that CALCULATORS are not allowed through out the entire quiz!


Q1. A bottle of Cowbell milk is emptied into eight cups, each of which holds 150ml. 
How many litters of milk was in the bottle? 


Q2. Eight people share a prize and receive 125 each. How much would each have received if there had been only five prize winners?

Ans:  Since eight people received 125 each, then the total money shared was 8 ×  125 = ₦1000. Now, if five people share  ₦1000, they would each get  ₦200 which is the required answer. 

Q3. Mr. Dauda invested  ₦10,800 and at the end of each year he withdrew the interest. After 4 years he had withdrawn a total of  ₦3,240 in interest. At what annual rate of interest was his money invested? 

Ans: Let I = (PRT/100), where I = Interest, P = Principal, and T = Time. Now, R = (100 × I)/(PT) = (100 
×3240)/(10800 × 4) = 7(1/2)%.

Q4. John drives along a road which has two sets of traffic lights. The probability of their being green are 3/4 and 2/5 respectively.  What is the probability of John finding both sets not green?

Ans: The probability of both sets not green is (1 - 3/4) × (1 - 2/5) = 3/20.

Q5. A rectangle has a length which is double its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 18cm. Find the width of the rectangle.

Ans: Let L = length, W = width. Then perimeter = 2L + 2W = 2(2W) + 2W = 6W, since L = 2W. Therefore, W 18/6 = 3cm which is the required width.

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Q1. Given that X varies inversely as the cube of Y and that X = 240 when Y = 3. Find X when Y = 2.

Ans: From the question, X = K/(Y^3). So when X = 240, Y = 3, we have K = 6480.
Now, when Y = 2, X = 6480/(2^3) = 810 which is the required answer.

Q2. Calculate the area of a triangle whose lengths are 6cm, 8cm, and 10cm respectively.

  Ans: Since 10cm is the longest of the lengths, the hypotenuse must be 10cm long. So the area is then, A = (1/2) × 8 × 6 = (1/2) × 6 × 8 = 24cm squared.

Q3. What is the standard deviation correct to 2 decimal places of a distribution whose variance is 6.27?

Ans: Let S be the standard deviation and V the variance. Then, S = √(V) = √(6.27) = 2.50 to 2 decimal places.

 Q4. Mrs. Okon drives 5km north from his house and then 10km on a bearing of 060° to a market.  How far is the market to her home to the nearest km?


Let X be the distance, then by the cosine rule, (X^2) = 25 +100 - 2×5×10×Cos120° = 175. So X = 13km to the nearest km.

Q5. Three Cowbell depots P, Q, and R are such that P to Q is 50km, P to R is 90km. The bearing of Q from P is 075° and the bearing of R from P is 310°. Find the distance between Q and R.


Let the distance be RQ, then using cosine rule, RQ = √(2500 + 8100 - 9000Cos215°) = 134km to the nearest km.  

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